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We know that while many companies would like to instigate tracking into their business, cost is often a prohibitive factor. ArmadaGPS provides a few different payment options to get you started and ensure you get the most out of the tracking experience.

All options include a data Sim card, web access, our mobile apps (Apple and Android), reporting functions, Geo fencing, all alerts, multiple user, Driver ID, Temperature monitoring and more.


Option 1 - Buy the Units Outright

With this option, you own the units outright. All units come with a 12-month warranty. Units are $350 each (inc GST) with a monthly tracking fee of $28.60/ unit (inc GST). We can assist you with installation of the units with recommendations of who we use within your area.

There is no minimum contract period and you can join or leave the system whenever you choose.


Option 2 - Managed Rental Agreement (minimum 5 units)

The initial rental period is for a minimum 36 months after which time you can either return the devices or continue with the rental. All installations and repairs to units are covered by us. Monthly rental is $44/ unit (inc GST).


Option 3 - Managed Rental Agreement (under 5 units)

As per our rental agreement above, the minimum term is 36 months at $44/ unit/ month (inc GST), with all installations and repairs covered by us. The only variance is we hold a $100 deposit/ unit that is repaid on the return on the units in working condition to our office.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us to enquire.

Only $26 / month + GST