Business Phone Plan

Low Cost Business Phone Plans that SAVE you money

  • Choose a Plan based on your calling patterns
  • Perfect for Businesses with 2- 10 lines
  • Untimed Calls on selected plans
  • FREE Calls on selected plans
  • No contracts
  • Works on PSTN (analogue) or ISDN (digital) lines

Choose a Calling Plan to Suit Your Business

Every business is different and the way you can save is based on how you call. You may make a lot of short calls, or only call landlines, or make a lot of calls to Business Options allows you to choose the right plan that saves you money.

Keep Your Existing Phone Lines

All these plans are available on a standard PSTN, ISDN2 or ISDN 10/20/30 phone lines so there is no need to install new equipment or connect new lines. You simply get the same reliable service you’re used to with no downtime.

Different Lines can have different a Business Options Plan

You can apply different plans to different lines, so a fax line can be on a lower plan and your phone lines on a higher plan.

Choose Your Plan

Plan Access Min Cost
(12 mths)
Local National 13/1300 Telstra
F2M - Other
Super Plan
$89.95 $1,079. 40 FREE FREE 37c per min
45c Connection
Starter Plan
$49.95 $599.40 36c per call 37c per min
$34.95 $419.40 20c per call 20c per min