Optus Multiline

Flexible Digital Phone Lines and Cheaper Calls

  • Flexible digital solution for larger offices
  • Great value line rental and call costs
  • Keep the same numbers
  • Direct Indial Range (100 numbers) - allows every staff member to have their own number
  • Digital call quality
  • Compatible with a wide range of digital PABX
  • Hunt Groups - finds the first available person
  • Optus advanced digital network
  • Calling Number Display - show either the direct extension number or a main number
  • Extension level billing - know how much each person uses the phone
  • Remote access - enables one channel to be able to control the PABX remotely
  • Battery Backup - keeps the phones working should you have a power outage

Choose the exact number of lines you need.

With standard ISDN for larger offices you have to order lines in batches of 10, but with Business Multi you can simply order the exact number you need to match the growth of your business.

Lower line rental and great value calls.

Business Multi offers substantially lower monthly costs vs standard ISDN, and combined with a more efficient approach to the number of lines needed means it’s one hell of a deal.

FREE installation on 24 or 36 month agreements.

Simply agree to stay with us for a minimum of 24 months and you quality for a free installation no matter how many lines you have ordered (conditions apply).

Compatible with a wide range of digital PABX’s.

If your business currently has a digital PABX then you can seamlessly use Business Multi . And if you don’t have a PABX then come and talk to us and we can help.

Choose Your Plan

Plan Term Monthly Access Installation Fee Local Calls National Calls Calls to Mobile
(same network)
Calls to Mobile
(other network)
12 Months $16
per Channel
per Channel
4.4c per min 6c per min 18c per min 20c per min
24 Months $16
per Channel
36 Months $16
per Channel